• With the cost of new PCs and Laptops now so affordable we understand you dilemma.  For this reason we offer a diagnostic service ($75 ) after which we will tell you what is wrong with your machine and how much it is going to  cost to repair. We only charge this fee if you decide not to proceed with the repair of your computer


    If the repair involves replacing a number of major component parts and you have had your computer for some years whether to repair or replace  is a very valid question.  We have, and do advise clients if replacement a solution, remembering then that your files will need to be transferred and possibly software re-installed and you may need to learn a new operating system.  Should you choose, we can load all your files and software onto your new machine for you.  We can also advise you on your new purchase or alternatively we are able to build you a new PC to specifically match your needs – at an affordable price using quality components.

  • We charge an affordable hourly repair fee of $125.  Parts if needed are extra.  We do not charge additional rates for after hours or weekend jobs.  We never charge customers over three hours labour for jobs undertaken in our workshop, no matter how long the repair takes.  Most PC, Laptop or Mac repairs take between one to two hours.