About IT Geelong

IT Geelong are a local Geelong and surrounds company with over two decades combined IT experience. We have a huge respect and a lot of patience for our customers – we understand that technology has swept over the world and left a lot of people feeling a little bit behind (don’t worry – you’re not alone!) so we will always assist in explaining how we’re fixing something if it will assist you moving forward.

We even offer out of hours support at no additional charge!

Not only are we patient and personable, but we are also very professional and can assist you with many business solutions.

We have experience in and can service for a large number of IT related solutions, including;

  • Email Configuration
  • General diagnostics
  • Virus protection / removal
  • Tutoring with many different types of technology (phones, tablets, Macs, PC, modems, televisions, apps, programs – you name it!)
  • Telco (modem configuration and setup, assistance with your invoices etc)
  • Web development
  • Much more!

If you have any enquiries at all, please fill out the form below and one of our staff will get in contact with you shortly!